Portable Airpods Case Cover & Protective Silicone Skin Cover Case for Apple Airpods

Portable Airpods Case Cover & Protective Silicone Skin Cover Case for Apple Airpods

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Tired of worrying about your AirPods instead of just enjoying wireless sound?

Wireless bluetooth connectivity has truly allowed us to maximize our media and music. Now we can hop on a call or listen to music while working out, cooking, or even just walking without getting tangled in pesky wires. But convenience has its price.

AirPods are sleek and convenient, but most of us have one recurring thought every time we look at the wireless earbuds--I’m going to lose those somehow. "Disappears in the blink of an eye" is not a feature you’d want on any gadget, let alone hardware that costs $159.

Thankfully, there’s an economical way to keep your AirPods safe. Silicone AirPods Case offers stylish protection.

Our cords are flexible but tough, and are notched to prevent glossy AirPods from sliding or falling out. At around 50cm, they’re long enough to allow for easy movements, but not too long as to become tangled.

Each silicone case is designed with full functionality. The lightning port and sync button remains easily accessible yet still protected. The case is form-fitting and won’t lose elasticity even if you take the charging case in and out quite often.

Apple products are popular for being slim and sleek. That’s why we were keen to keep our silicone case slender but sturdy. These protectors won’t take up space in your bag or make your charging case feel bulky and heavy in your hand.

Not convinced yet? Here are a few more benefits to our silicone protector:

🎶 Lightweight, great for travel
🎶 Ideal gift for AirPod owners
🎶 Slip-resistant silicone finish

Keep your music crisp, and your AirPods, safe. Add the Silicone AirPods Case to your cart TODAY!

  • AirPods 1 & 2 - Fit's both version of Apple Airpods. However, the light is not visible on the 2nd edition
  • PROTECTS FROM SCRATCHES & DROPS - Our silicone protector is designed to protect both AirPods and charging cases. Soft yet strong, each case will keep your precious gadgets smooth and glossy.
  • KEEPS AIRPODS WITHIN REACH - AirPods are small and easily misplaced. Each case comes with an Airpods strap for keeping them anchored safely around your head when not in use.
  • ADDED STABILITY & SECURITY - Our AirPod case cover comes with no-slip ear hooks. These help keep your AirPods securely snug in your ear, especially when working out at the gym or jogging.
  • CHIC & STYLISH DESIGN - Our AirPod case come in an elegant, marble print. Ideal for those looking for a more subtle design than the neon and pastel colors silicone protectors often come in.